In honor of JHP, JR., retired Attorney-At-Law, who taught me to CYA, I offer readers the following disclaimer:

Please do not mistake any of the information on My Father Doesn’t Know Me as medical or therapeutic advice. All of the information contained in this blog is based on Lucy Parker Watkins’ experiences, personal research and advice she received during the course of her father’s treatment for dementia.

The sole purpose of this blog is to help others find a smoother path for their own journeys, if only by seeing that I’ve probably made bigger mistakes in my journey. In the end, what my reconciliation with my father and my role in his life as a caregiver has connected me to thousands of other people who have witnessed the loss of a loved one’s mind. Ultimately, it gives our struggle additional meaning. And, honestly, I look forward to sharing some of our funnier moments with you, because as most caregivers know, it’s not always serious and sad.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our story.

Lucy Parker Watkins
Jerome’s Daughter


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